vanesa village india

Vanesa gaam is located in the Surat district of South Gujarat State , India. We have common  rich history and culture unlike any other. We have settled our families, opened our businesses, and practice our professions all across the United States.

We organize, we meet, we exchange ideas, we agree, and we take action. Since our group`s inception in 2004, we meet at specific locations year with family members and friends from all parts of the country. Our purpose is obvious:

  • retain the rich heritage of Gaam
  • integrate our younger generation, and
  • be a part of mainstream America

We believe strongly in education and independent entrepreneurs. Most of our youth have college degrees and successful careers. We are a family-oriented people, and through our annual gathering we strive to unite all Vanesa Gaam families, and to bridge the gap between the younger and older generations.

Step-by-step we strive to pave the way for our youngsters to carry on traditional values and lead our Samaj into the 21st century. To this end, we are providing these internet services.